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Slavery is a COMMUNITY problem!

At Triad Ladder of Hope, we are working hard to bring awareness to our communities about what is going on right under our noses and how anyone--including YOU--can help.  
Founded in January 2005, Triad Ladder of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith-based, privately funded organization dedicated to eradicating the exploitation, sale, and enslavement of men, women, and children.  
At TLH, we believe there are 4 steps to ending slavery:  Awareness through speaking, teaching & training, Rescue of victims, Restoration of survivors, and Re-entry into society as healthy confident individuals.
We are rebuilding lives and giving hope one step at a time. Our desire is to see each victim healed completely, happy and living a life of freedom in Jesus Christ. 
One thing there is a great need for is housing.  Triad Ladder of Hope is currently working towards opening a shelter where trained staff will continue to help victims find restoration.
Together, WE can make a difference!   Join us in our efforts to end slavery.
To learn more and help support us in the fight against the great injustice of human trafficking visit


Hope for the homeless!
To feed the hungry and give shelter to those in need.
A non-profit homeless shelter located in Thomasville, NC serving men, women and children in the Thomasville and surrounding area.We operate solely on donations from private individuals and organizations. Please visit their FB page The Shepherd's Inn
Monetary donations may be made payable to and mailed to:
The Shepherd's Inn PO Box 262 Thomasville NC 27361
We always welcome any household items, furniture, etc and clothing donations up at The Thrift Store located at 16 East Main Street Thomasville. Any profits from the store benefit the shelter as well.
Currently the city has forced the home to be shut down. The task now is to tear down the old building and build a new one. The home that once housed many has been unable to service and provide shelter for those who desperately need it. Though they may not be able to house them here, during the time of tearing down and building a new home The Shepherd's Inn still strives to help those in need find housing elsewhere.


Ride Nature is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit Christian organization based out
of Fort Myers, Florida. We utilize action sports such as surfing,
skating, wake boarding to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ
to children both locally and around the world to countries such as,
India, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Germany. As an
organization we give away free skateboards to kids, build skateparks,
and host skim and skate competitions around the world for kids who may
never have the opportunity to ride a board. As a ministry we lift the
hands of local churches, supporting and encouraging them in the work
they do 24/7 in their own communities. All donations and support goes
to further the work that we do, sending us to more countries and
maintain connections with the ones we frequent most, being able to
give away more boards to more kids.
By providing FREE surfboards, skateboards, and skimboards for children and leaders living in poverty around the world we are able to utilize the gift of a free board as a tool to present the ultimate gift any of us has ever been given: eternal life through Jesus Christ.

From the outreach events, to the contests, to the film premiers; our goal with the short term mission trips we lead is centered around gathering as many individuals as possible with the sole purpose of presenting the Gospel and plugging those at these events in with a local church.


We firming believe in equipping and empowering local leadership in every Country we work in. By partnering with the local churches and establishing leadership in each community, skaters and surfers worldwide are being discipled on a consistent and regular basis.

To learn more and help support the mission visit RIDE NATURE